Starting our journey into the tumultuous sea of business in 1989 as a small cooperative, the core of which was formed by specialists from the Main Computing Center for Civil Aviation, ZAO TAIS became a company which possesses proven technology for creating complex automated services for serving mass customers.

Over the past years we have not changed our primary goal - creating and developing domestic reservations systems. The current TAIS product - is the high technology reservations system, integrated into the world information network. On its foundation was created the multi-center distribution system SIRIN, which is unique even on a global scale, which unites all "Sirena-2.3" centers.

The accumulated experience of TAIS has allowed for the creation of a technologically advanced and highly productive program and equipment "platform" for building other systems of service of mass customers for other forms of transport ("Bus terminal-2") and in the business of event ticket sales ("Anschlag").

Today we consider the most important priority for our activity to be active participation in creation of complex solutions for automating the commercial activity of air carriers. In these solutions "Sirena-2.3" acts as a sub-system of the total system of automation of airlines, and together with the products of other producers, we participate in the automation of the airlines' core technological process - the sale of transport.