TAIS provide the following services to Customers using programm products and systems:


  • Operating the software of systems on TAIS’s equipment;
  • Providing access to systems 24 hours 7 days a week;
  • Reaction of TAISís staff to the emergency problems regarding continuity of access to systems.

Technological support

  • Updating the functionality of systems by delivery of new software releases.
  • Support of systems' software releases. TAIS shall provide free correction of errors during the Agreement term;
  • Maintenance of working capacity of functionality, analysis of non-typical situations and elimination of their consequences;
  • Consulting as well as extra developments upon Customerís requests.

Quality of outsourcing and technological support is evaluated in the following three categories:

1. System's accessability

The area of responsibility of TAIS in terms of outsourcing of TAIS Airline Solutionís hardware and software includes the following:

  1. Servers with Systemís software;
  2. Components of the network equipment and software belonging TAIS or providers having direct contractual relations with TAIS excluding Internet parts of network;

In the case of pause of the services TAIS is responsible for errors within the area of its responsibility, specified by p. (1) and (2).

System's accessibility is an availability factor of the system, i.e. as percentage of time the system is accessible for duration of the Accounting period in minutes. TAIS shall provide systems' accessibility of 99,0%.

2. Error correction

Error is a situation when functions described in the documentation do not work as set forth in the documentation.

3. System expansion

Expansion is performed by a query of a new funŮtion, a report or an application or of improvement of existing application. All expansions are grouped in works named version. Implementations of the versions are coordinated with the customer.