Charter Flights Reservation and Ticketing

Tour Operator Interface of TAIS CRS, known as PNL Server, automates the transfer of charter passenger lists from Tour Operators to a TAIS CRS Airline. With this feature in place, reservations are created and electronic tickets are issued automatically in the Airline’s reservation system. Itinerary/Receipts can be sent to passengers over e-mail. Both initial and addition/deletion lists are supported.

This ensures that tour operators and passengers timely receive the Itinerary/Receipts, and all the required passenger data is automatically transmitted to the Departure Control System. In case Interactive or Control Method check-in is implemented at a specific airport, the check-in staff will be able to display the electronic tickets online.

The distribution process is streamlined with industry-standard electronic ticket across charter and scheduled operations. Using the Tour Operator Interface for a specific flight doesnt prevent the Airline from selling the same flight via its web site and/or other distribution channels.

The Airline maintains charter flights in TAIS CRS in the same manner as the scheduled ones, with some special features:

  • one flight can support up to 3 Tour Operators;
  • the flight needs to have a separate non-nested booking class (RBD) for each Tour Operator; the number of seats in such class is determined by the agreement;
  • explicit permissions for specific Tour Operators to upload passengers lists for specific flights are to be created.

TAIS will assist with the above settings and arrange the communications setup.

The typical workflow for a specific flight and tour operator will be as follows (please also see the picture at the bottom of the page):

  1. The airline creates the flight in the reservation system according to the above.
  2. Once the agreed deadline is reached, the tour operator prepares a standard passenger list in CSV format. Full description is available upon request. This can be done by Tour Operators dedicated software or manually. TAIS will provide Excel spreadsheets for the second option if needed.
  3. The tour operator uploads the list to TAIS ftp server. If all is well, seats are booked and tickets are issued for all passengers automatically in TAIS CRS. The tour operator checks (via TAIS CRS Terminal) the processing results and, in case of success, sends the Itinerary/Receipts to a designated e-mail address or directly to passengers.
  4. TAIS CRS sends PNL/ADL detailing all the passengers on the flight to the Departure Control System (DCS) in a regular manner, and receives PFS and ETL after departure. Interactive or Control Method check-in procedures are followed if applicable.
The typical workflow