TAIS DCS can be operated as a part of TAIS Airline Solution or as a stand-alone departure control system for an airport or a handling company.

TAIS DCS is compliant with international industry standards. It is certified under SITA CUTE and operates in such a kind in Vnukovo - Moscow (VKO), Bucharest (OTP), Bishkek (FRU), Vladivostok (VVO) airports.

The system has well-documented friendly Graphical User Interface in English and Rissian.

TAIS DCS has the following top-level functions:

  1. Automated and manual flight plan. It can be implemented by administrator of the system manually or it can be imported from OAG or Innovata as a world aviation schedule data bases.
  2. Seat Maps and flight creation function (it supports creation of series of flights)
  3. Passenger lists, including or not e-ticket numbers
  4. Passenger and cargo load control
  5. Baggage allowances and excess baggage fares
  6. Passenger and baggage check-in
  7. Through check-in
  8. Boarding control
  9. Class upgrades/downgrades
  10. Flight documentation
  11. Input and output messages processing (PNL, ADL, ETL, PFS, TPM, PTM, BTM, PSM, MVT etc.)
  12. Check-in e-ticket passengers with online access (interactive/control) to ETDB
  13. Baggage processing via BaggageNet (SITA)
  14. Load control functions: Revenue Load, Load per Class, Flight Load, Loadsheet with Transfer Passengers and Loadsheet AHM517
  15. System has two levels of log-in: administrators and operators. Each operator has different level of access to the airport or airline flights.