TAIS CRS is a powerful, reliable and flexible reservation system for mid-size airlines.It offers a comprehensive set of features for full-service, low-cost and charter carriers alike, and is ready to support any hybrid business model.


  1. Schedule creation and maintenance
  2. Schedule change with passenger protection
  3. Ability to view all PNRs and passengers affected by schedule change
  4. Schedule change history
  5. Online schedule export to GDS, OAG and Innovata

Inventory Management

  1. 360 day booking depth
  2. Bottom-to-top and top-to-bottom class nesting
  3. Compartment level and booking class level limit sales
  4. Controlled overbooking
  5. Booking class status: open/closed/on request
  6. Allotments (block PNR)
  7. Integration with RMS ProfitLine/Yield (Lufthansa Systems). The interfaces enable TAIS CRS to feed all required data (such as advanced bookings, or actually flown pax) into ProfitLine/Yield solution. After optimization ProfitLine/Yield solution feeds back to TAIS CRS new availability settings or quotas for each class of service on each future flight

Direct Sales Core

  1. Flights search by
    • class,
    • minimum available fare,
    • date or date range,
    • connection type,
    • departure time Ability to create PNR with up to 16 flight segments.
  2. Create PNR with up to 16 flight segments
  3. Space-available segments for ID passengers
  4. Display and book connections
  5. Modify, cancel and divide PNRs.
  6. Enter all the necessary passenger-related information: name, title, birth date, passport number, nationality, visa details, etc.
  7. Enter contact information: phone, mail, etc
  8. SSR reservation
  9. Seat map display, seat reservation
  10. Fare display, low fare search, calendar shoping
  11. Automatic and manual PNR pricing
  12. Fare rule display
  13. Industry-standard and airline's own forms of payment
  14. Issue, void, display, exchange, refund electronic tickets.
  15. Itinerary/Receipts (customizable)
  16. Automatic reissue and refund calculatuions
  17. Group PNR
  18. Agent queues
  19. Agent reports
  20. Detailed agent action log

Fares system

  1. Fare types, fares, routings
  2. ATPCO-compliant fare rule structure with all necessary restrictions supported:
    • passenger type
    • date, time, day of week
    • seasons
    • flight application
    • min/max stay
    • combinations
    • blackout dates
    • point of sale
    • discount, etc
  3. One way, roundtrip, open-jaw, circle trip pricing unites
  4. Currency conversions
  5. Airport and airline tax database
  6. Transport Clearing House (TCH) automatic fare download
  7. Online access to ATPCO and SITA fares via Galileo 360 fares

GDS Sales

  1. Direct transmission of Schedule and Availability Data to GDS
  2. Standard Sell
  3. Interactive Availability (Direct Access)
  4. Interactive Sell (Direct Sell)
  5. Interactive Seatmap and Advance Seat Reservation
  6. E-ticketing

DCS Interface

  1. PNR/passenger lists by different selection criteria
  2. PNL/ADL generation with online ADL option
  3. Automatic PFS handling, PFS statistic
  4. Automatic ETL handlingInteractive and control methods for online handling of ET passengers.
  5. ET links with potentially any DCS in the world in a few days via Worldspan

Interline, Code Share and Tour Operator Handling

  1. Reservation via other airline's systems based on
    • AIRIMP standards (type B messages)
    • EDIFACT standards (type A). It can be directly to other carriers' system or via Galileo
  2. SSR processing by either side dependeing on the agreement
  3. Complete interline e-ticketing support via Worldspan IET HUB
  4. Incoming passenger list processing with IT/BULK ET issue for tour operator's passengers.
  5. Modify, cancel and divide PNRs
  6. Code share features with marketing and operating carrier behavior. All existing business models supported:
    • fixed block. Online or PNL/ADL synchronization;
    • flexible block. Online or PNL/ADL synchronization;
    • free flow. Online synchronization

Revenue Integrity

  1. Flexible automatic time limit assignment,automatic cancellation of PNRs without ticket number
  2. Flexible agent access control on flight/class/date/point of sale basis
  3. Separate controllable agent's allowances: booking, waitlists, groups, SA, TL change, etc (totally about 15)
  4. Ticket number validity checks
  5. Duplicate name checks
  6. Name change control

Waitlists, queues, messages

  1. Automatic/manual waitlist confirmation
  2. Flexible waitlist priorities: by waitlist time, by potential revenue, by customer value, etc.
  3. High waitlist priority for ticketed rebooked passengers due to schedule change
  4. PNR/passenger lists by different selection criteria
  5. Automatic passenger list dispatch to different airline's departments
  6. Reservation control queues


  1. SSR availability depending on
    • flight/date/class
    • time before departure
    • point of sale
    • max SSR quantity per flight
  2. Industry-standard and airline's own SSR
  3. Free and payable SSR
  4. Smooth integration with existing reservation and ticketing process
  5. Operational SSR reports to airline departments and service providers
  6. SSR load reports


  1. Flight history: change tracking, PNR and ticketing events
  2. Search by flight number, date, PNR locator, point-of-sale information
  3. Standard PNR history
  4. History is available online up to 1 month after departure
  5. History is available offline for unlimited time in the separate archive system where it is accessible in the view mode same as online

Reporting & Integration

  1. Built-in set of reports
  2. Transaction reporting in industry-standard and proprietary data formats: BSP RET, TCH SSOD, TAIS XML
  3. Lift reporting: TAIS XML, ARACS, SIRAX formats
  4. Create own reports using online ODBC access to the archive system database
  5. XML API