Step-by-step booking process

TAIS TravelShop provides minimal clicks while maximal display informativity and also easy booking and payment processes.

Available in English, Russian, German and potentially other user interfaces step-by-step booking process drives a passenger thru the following steps:

Step 1. Flight search

  1. Interactive pop-up calendar
  2. Outbound and inbound city/airport lists
  3. Minimum Price Matrix or Minimum Fare Calendar for ±3 days from requested
  4. Full and detailed price offer including tax/fee/charge calculations if required
  5. Direct flights and connections;
  6. Flexible fare grouping according to airline's business rules (for ex MINI/MIDI/MAXI, EconomySaver/EconomyFlex/Business, etc.)
  7. Fare rules display in reservation system format or in user-friendly format from internal database

Step 2. Passenger Data Collection

  1. Passenger name, birth data, passport information are collected once, then can be retrieved as profiles
  2. Contact details
  3. User has to explicitly accept Airline's Terms and Conditions

Step 3. SSR-Sellection - Ancillary Services

Ancillary service such as:

  1. Travel insurance
  2. Flight delay compensation
  3. Seat selection
  4. and etc

Step 4. Form of Payment selection, entry of payment card details (if needed)

Step 5. Ticket issuance, delivery of Itinerary/Receipt to the passenger