eCommerce for Online Travel Agents

ECommerce today is one of the most popular sales channels of different products including transport services. After world civil aviation moved to e-ticket, agency's web site becomes a very important instrument for eCommerce in Civil Aviation.

The aim of an agency is selling of flights (airlines' content) for the most number of airlines usually on BSP e-ticket stocks and rarely on airline's stocks, if only an agency has direct contractual relationships with this airline. Airline's content is taken from GDS or directly from airlines systems (CRS).

To provide access of an Agency Internet Booking Engine (IBE) to different GDS on a high level,TAIS offers SIG23 - the system, which acts like a sluice between reservation systems and IBE.
SIG23 is a tool to assist developers to launch IBE ASAP with minimum expenses.

Even if you decided to use SIG23, realization of agency's IBE is not a common task. Usually GDSs offer their own IBE as a "packaged" solution to be implemented at agency web sites. However, IBEs offered by GDS have minimal functionality. Also in the case agency is limited in freedom of using other sources of air content.

That is why TAIS offerTAIS TravelShopas a full functional Agency's IBEin addition to SIG23.

TAIS TravelShopis a set of functional blocks for creating Agency's IBE in short terms (2-3 months).

The following figure represents Operating Environment.
Operating Environment