TAIS TravelShop - E-Commerce Platform

TAIS TravelShop is an easy-to-deploy eCommerce platform for air market.

Based on CMS Bitrix (leading Content Management System in Russia) it can be integrated into agency's web environment as a separated IBE.

TAIS TravelShop contains a lot of different modules available almost in any combinations to satisfy exact customer needs.

Main features

  1. Step-by-step booking process
  2. Auxiliary services such as insurance or transfer
  3. B2B services
  4. Customer database
  5. Loyalty system
  6. Payment facilities

TAIS will be happy to develop new functions upon request.

Step-by-step Booking Process

Available in English, Russian, German and potentially other user interfaces step-by-step booking process drives a passenger thru the following steps:

Step 1. Flight search

  1. Interactive pop-up calendar
  2. Outbound and inbound city/airport lists
  3. Full and detailed price offer including tax/fee/charge calculations if required
  4. Direct flights and connections;
  5. Flexible fare grouping according to airline's business rules (for ex MINI/MIDI/MAXI, EconomySaver/EconomyFlex/Business, etc.)
  6. Fare rules display in reservation system format or in user-friendly format from internal database

Step 2. Passenger Data Collection

  1. Passenger name, birth data, passport information are collected once, then can be retrieved as profiles
  2. Contact details
  3. User has to explicitly accept Airline's Terms and Conditions

Step 3. SSR-Sellection - Auxiliary Services

Additional service such as:

  1. Travel insurance
  2. Transfer tickets
  3. etc.

Step 4. Form of Payment selection, entry of payment card details (if needed)

Step 5. Ticket issuance, delivery of Itinerary/Receipt to the passenger

Customer Database

Customer database allows from the one hand an agency to track passenger's data and from the other hand provides passengers with useful tool to get and update any journey-related information. The module includes:

  1. Customer record with
    • Key customer's data: name, gender, passport information, contact details, Frequent Flyer Programm member ID
    • Individual personal financial account
    • flight / order history
  2. Self-registration, authorization and history displays
  3. Financial account status and history displays
  4. Customer can access and manage orders:
    • Print and e-mail Itinerary / Receipts invoices
    • Complete Payment
    • Check in

Paiment Facilities

This module allows to select, authorize, collect and refund all types of payments including:

  1. Credit cards via airline's selected provider
  2. Cash via:
    • ATO/CTO
    • Self-service kiosk
    • ATM
  3. E-money
  4. Bank transfer
  5. Internal accounts
  6. Vouchers

B2B Services for Corporate Customers and Travel Agents

  1. Several individual logins per customer
  2. Corporate account with debit or credit logic
  3. Individual tax/commission calculations


Using call-center module which combines facilities of TAIS CRS and TAIS TravelShop an operator can perform all reservation and ticketing operations via TAIS CRS in parallel with TAIS TravelShop's customer database access and payment facilities.

  1. Integrated workplace with TAIS CRS and TAIS TravelShop screens
  2. Payment processing for TAIS CRS PNR including exchange/reissue
  3. Customer database access
  4. Itinerary/invoice print/emai
  5. Customer account manipulations
  6. Voucher manipulations