SIG23 web interface to reservation systems

Agency's IBE must have access to world air content via reservation and ticketing systems. Such systems are divided into GDS (Global Distribution Systems) and CRS (Computer Reservation Systems). The latest are usually a part of Airline's PSS (Passenger Service System).

Realization of access to distribution andreservation systems (GDS and CRS) is time-consuming and expensive challenge, firstly because of difficulty of modern air technology. The other reason is absence of standard web-interface to reservation systems. This problem doubles when agent needs access to several GDS/CRS because of commercial conditions.

As off-the-shelf solution for challenges listed above, TAIS offers SIG23 – a software solution which acts like a sluice between reservation systems and agency's IBE.

To date, SIG23 provides access for the following systems:

  1. GDS Amadeus
  2. GDS Galileo
  3. GDS Sabre
  4. GDS "Sirena-Travel" (regional distribution system in Russia)
  5. SITA CRS (Gabriel)
  6. TAIS CRS (reservation system, designed by TAIS)

For access to all of the listed systems SIG23 uses individually generated connectors, but for connection with IBE there is a single,well-documented web-interface SOAP. TAIS also provides advice on the use of SIG's API. Thus, SIG23 makes construction of IBE not much harder than construction of other types of online stores. And it is accessible for programmers, who are not specialized in GDS.

Our long-term practice of cooperation with GDS demonstrates that without support of specialists it is very difficult to achieve stable access to reservation systems with minimal non-typical situations. In terms of such kind of support TAIS offers the following service for users:

  • 24 x 7 monitoring by shift engineers
  • Instant readiness of support-team, which consists of system engineer, system programmer, application programmer and technologist
  • Regular monitoring of pressure, identification of pinch-points and its liquidation.

Advantages of using SIG23:

  1. Acceleration of construction time and minimization of spending for construction and support of IBE. After using SIG23, agency could construct IBE by their own, order it from off-site programmer, who is not specialist in GDS or it is able to use TAIS TravelShop final full-service solution offered byTAIS.
  2. Master control of relocation of sales between reservation systems.
  3. Presence of Search Engine, which provides very effective searching tools for available transport options, due to set search terms, among them:
    • Maximal conversion, i.e. relation between amount of completed segments to amount of search requests, based on offers of the lowest, but really accessible tariffs
    • Minimal response time for search request
    • Minimization of spending for search requests in reservation systems
    • Loss minimization because of service defective work.